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Aaron Rickert

The values of a business are vitally important to Aaron.
How it conducts itself in the industry, treats its clients, and engages staff, must align with his personal values before he considers a role with the company.
So when a position with Bellrock became available, all it took was a quick fact-finding mission before packing up his family and relocating from Rockhampton.
With ten years of experience in finding the best solution for his clients, the new Account Executive brings a wealth of knowledge taken from his time working in both the direct insurance market and in broking.
Now Aaron joins an industry-leader, one which brings a unique approach to the market and offers him the chance to expand its reputation as a distributor of client dedication and service.
And with a wealth of industry knowledge and client-first enthusiasm, Aaron is confident his new undertaking will be synonymous with care, support, and success.
Values he shares with Bellrock.
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