Bellrock do things differently

Bellrock Business Model:

Create a truly competitive environment, where we have genuinely motivated underwriters

- Nil overriding commissions or incentivised bonuses with Insurers
- Nil profit share agreements
- The preferred Insurer is the Insurer proposing the best package for the Insured
- Bellrock outlines bespoke Insurance package
- Bellrock normally selects one (lead) Insurer for each placement and works exclusively with them.
We only talk to another Insurer if the initial Insurer says ‘no’. Insurers appreciate this transparent non-time wasting approach.
This transparent negotiation platform has a profound effect on terms negotiated, as Bellrock is dealing only with committed underwriters with a vested interest in the outcome.

Bellrock’s negotiation methodology is ‘measurably different’ from the Industry standard.
Since Bellrock’s launch in 2007, our negotiation model has been stretched and tested…challenged and proven. Bellrock’s turnover has continued to grow outpacing our competitors’ growth, year after year. We have created a truly competitive environment for our clients.


Why the name Bellrock?

The Company Name
"A company name should mean something and reflect what the company is about".
Stephen McCarthy
Managing Director – Bellrock Broking Pty Limited
There is a reef, virtually submerged, 11 miles off the east coast of Scotland which has been a ships graveyard for centuries. In the 1400’s (before lighthouses were invented) a bell was erected on the rock to hopefully warn of disaster. Thus the name Bellrock. The bell was washed away after two years.
In 1790, a brilliant young Engineer, Robert Stevenson (grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson), designed a lighthouse, incorporating innovative new methods. There was uproar at the time because the conservative folk thought it was a risk to engage (unproven) creative building methods, however Robert Stevenson argued that his design had to be creative in order for the lighthouse to stand the test of time. Bellrock Lighthouse still shines its warning to sailors – and is the oldest seafaring lighthouse in the world today.

The Bellrock story encompasses the vision for Bellrock Broking:
- Disaster Protection – Protecting risk
- Creative Thinking – Which was required to stand the test of time. The lighthouse may not be still standing if existing ‘safe’ methods of the 1790’s were used;
- Bell – The bell is synonymous with Insurance. The Lutine bell (recovered from ‘The Lutine’ shipwreck in 1858) is installed in the Lloyds of London building.
The bell is rung when a large loss occurs – a call to arms.
- Rock – Rock Solid


Global Placements

Bellrock can provide you with insurance solutions globally.
Bellrock have access to a full suite of Global Insurance Services that are provided within an international group.
A full list of credentials can be provided upon request.