Bellrock appoints Sahalya Uthappa to lead our transactional risk practice

Bellrock’s risk advisory and advocacy services expand to include Transaction (M&A) and Contingent Risks under the leadership of Sahalya Uthappa. Acknowledged by the market as a leading transactional risk practitioner, Bellrock is delighted to welcome Sahalya to our Team.

Offering a dynamic approach to transactional risk, Sahalya will collaborate with the broader risk advisory team to structure holistic risk transfer options to de-risk transactions throughout the M&A and fund lifecycle. Known contingent risks may also be transferred to the insurance market to protect the target’s balance sheet. Together with our insurance due diligence service offering, parties gain a clear comprehensive understanding of risk and insurance obligations pre and post transaction.

Integral to Bellrock’s unique value proposition is that customers have direct access to a leader with Sahalya’s expertise and are assured of her involvement throughout the W&I process, from structuring and negotiations to policy placement.

“It is inspiring to join an organisation that is agile in its response to risk, nurtures relationships and embraces change with integrity. The goodwill and respect that Bellrock has garnered in the market for its consistent quality and technical expertise instils pride in being part of this Team. I see an alignment in values which is critical while growing a practice. Together with Bellrock, our practice will strive to deliver a standard of service to the M&A market that offers deal parties and advisors peace of mind.”

Sahalya Uthappa – Practice Leader, Transaction (M&A) and Contingent Risks, Bellrock Advisory.

The practice is supported by strong M&A claims advocacy within our claims Team, which offers a unique combination of commercial, legal (M&A and insurance), litigation and coverage experience. Over the last few years M&A Team members have achieved claims settlements exceeding $30M. Our claims team is equipped to facilitate the prompt resolution and payment of claims.

Bellrock exists to do risk differently. Since our inception in 2007, our customers have benefited from access to our experts in risk commensurate to the industry, profession, or product in which they specialise. Complimenting Sahalya’s service offering is Bellrock’s broader expertise across industry sectors and insurance lines which adds value to the advice proffered during a deal.

“Bellrock’s decision to invest in a transactional risk practice has its genesis in ‘market’ demand. The anticipated uplift in M&A activity requires more bespoke, hands-on, targeted and innovative risk transfer options. 

Sahalya’s expertise coupled with Bellrock’s diverse industry experience and rapport with insurers provides a refreshing service offering to those in the market for advice on transactional risk.”

Marc Chiarella – CEO, Bellrock Advisory

Bellrock’s Team comprises of insurance professionals with decades of experience across multiple disciplines. Our people include risk advisors at global intermediaries, risk management professionals and lawyers (specialising in transactions and insurance). Located in Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne, and Sydney, our people have acted on various public and private transactions for a range of stakeholders.

For further information and advice on Transaction and Contingent Risks, Sahalya can be contacted via the details below. Her full profile can be viewed on the Bellrock website here.


Mobile: +61 429 477 275

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