Lucette Spartalis

Lucette brings 18 years of experience in branding, content design, and communications to her role at Bellrock. As guardian of the Bellrock brand, she is responsible for sharing our “Measurably Different” ethos across all communications with our clients and industry peers.
Her experience working for top tier content marketing and publishing houses in Australia and the UK has instilled in her the importance of engaging with your audience in a meaningful and relevant way.
Key to this engagement is Bellrock’s contribution to Thought Leadership within our industry. In developing the extensive range of articles and resources available on our website and shared across our social channels, Lucette, with the Bellrock team, strives to inform and inspire commentary on issues relating to insurance with the goal of fostering the best possible outcomes for our clients.
Mobile: +61 499 490 179
Direct: +61 2 9063 4542