Recent changes to Travel Insurance policies see greater coverage for COVID claims

As travel restrictions begin to ease and international borders open, the prospect of overseas travel has returned.

COVID has added complexities to travelling abroad and the pandemic has left many people wondering the extent to which insurance cover is available for COVID related events and expenses.

The position of insurers in late 2021 was that medical expenses and evacuation would be covered when an insured person contracted COVID-19 whilst travelling overseas. No cover was available however for non-refundable cancellation costs such as flights and accommodation, additional and or forfeited expenses. In early 2022 however, cover for associated costs has become available.

Example: Policy with an insurer who covers all expenses
Insight article table COVID travel 1
Example: Policy with an insurer who covers medical and evacuation costs only
Insight article table COVID travel 2

Bellrock continues to seek the best cover available for our clients. If you wish to review your Corporate Travel Insurance or seek clarification on your coverage, please contact us.

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